Negative Health Effects of Aluminum

Have you ever wondered about the negative health effects of aluminum on your body? Aluminum can undermine your health in many ways. It is easy to come into contact with aluminum and not realize it. By being aware of the negative effects and the ways you can become exposed, you can take steps to avoid aluminum for the sake of your health.

Aluminum is a substance that occurs in nature. It is also found in commonly used products such as antacids, baking soda, deodorants, cooking utensils, and processed food additives, among others. You can also breathe aluminum dust when near a mining or metal-working operation.

The human body needs many minerals for normal functioning. However, aluminum is not one of those needed substances. It can be toxic to the body and harmful in many ways.

Aluminum Circulating in the Body

When aluminum is ingested, it is sent through the bloodstream into the body’s cells. It inhibits the body’s ability to make new blood cells, but the effects are even more significant. Aluminum is a very reactive substance. That’s like putting something unstable into the body and sending it everywhere at once.

The body functions daily because of the many chemical reactions taking place in every organ, muscle, nerve, and even at the cellular level. Many vital minerals are involved in this process. Aluminum is like the playground bully. Always reacting, popping up everywhere, looking for trouble, and colliding with all those other minerals and with overall body chemistry.

Dangers of Aluminum that Stays in the Body

Aluminum is not needed by the body. And it is easily stored in the body. This means the amounts of aluminum we are exposed to can accumulate and stay in the body. This can cause long-term damage. This also means the harmful effects of aluminum might not be seen right away.

Accumulation of toxic metals in the body can cause oxidative stress which increases over time

This stresses the immune system and leads to chronic inflammation. Inflammation throughout the body is not only uncomfortable and painful. All that excess inflammation also increases the cycle of oxidative stress. It wears on the immune system, as the body is constantly in battle mode. It also creates a poor-health environment in the body that makes us susceptible to chronic and aging-related diseases.

Meanwhile, the body has two organs designed to filter out unwanted and unneeded toxins. These are the liver and the kidneys. What happens when toxic aluminum accumulates in the body? It puts excess stress on these organs, leading to liver and kidney problems.

Aluminum Stresses the Central Nervous System

Aluminum is toxic to every system of the body, and this includes the central nervous system that plays such a vital role in everything we do. Accumulation of aluminum in the body can adversely affect the central nervous system, including the brain.

Let’s think about the importance of the central nervous system. Not only is our nervous system centered in the brain, where it controls our mental functions as well as our movements. The brain also controls the normal functioning of all the body’s organs and systems. It is the central command post. Every minute, the brain does more than we realize, keeping all of our body’s organs working properly. Introducing a toxic metal like aluminum into our intricate brain machinery can affect the body at every level.

Additionally, aluminum can cause inflammation in the nervous system and brain. Not only does this pose dangers for normal brain functioning. It can also lead to brain-related illnesses. Remember, inflammation sets up a host environment for chronic illnesses and premature aging.

Aluminum toxicity can also cause problems for memory, coordination, mental clarity (creating brain fog and confusion), and other basic brain and neurological functions.

Respiratory Problems from Aluminum

Not only can you ingest aluminum through the digestive system. You can also breathe in aluminum dust from the air. This is especially a problem if you work in or live near any kind of manufacturing plants that work with aluminum. When you work with metals, you need to know what you are breathing. When you live near any kind of metal-working operation, you need to learn what is in the air surrounding your home.

Aluminum dust can spread toxins throughout your body. It can also adversely affect your respiratory system, including your lungs. The aluminum dust can irritate your lungs. This can lead to chronic coughing, which is not only uncomfortable, but it also stresses your lungs and your entire cardiopulmonary system. Deeper down, the aluminum causes irritation of the lung tissues, which makes it harder for the lungs to function well. Too much constant exposure to aluminum makes it harder for the body to expel the toxins and can lead to toxic buildup.

Effects on Children

As you learn about the negative effects of aluminum on human health, you may be wondering about the health of your children, and for good reason. Their bodies are smaller and more susceptible to toxins, even in lesser amounts. Remember too that their bodies are growing. With exposure to a reactive toxin like aluminum that can affect many organs and whole body systems, children’s normal growth functions can be harmed.

As just one example, aluminum blocks the absorption of calcium needed for bone growth and density. As you try and help your children get the calcium they need, aluminum is fighting you and them for that privilege. So not only is aluminum not needed by the body, but it also tries to inhibit minerals that are needed. The negative effects on bone density not only cause problems for growing children, but for older adults as well. Aluminum increases the struggle to maintain bone density as the body ages.

Exposure to toxins also sets children up for an early onslaught of diseases normally associated with aging. It’s that cumulative effect of exposure to aluminum – and the immune system’s heightened response and inflammation – that creates an unhealthy environment in a child’s body. This invites more health problems in addition to the stress caused by the aluminum.

It’s important to remember all the ways aluminum puts your health and the health of your loved ones at risk. That way you can take the precautions you need to stay healthy and to help your children live healthy lives.

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